Distributors & Commercial Partners

The YBell Coaching Course is a primary way for our Distributors and Commercial Partners to introduce and promote YBell Fitness' products.

We offer educational resources and translation support to YBell Distributors and Master Instructors globally.


YBell Fitness Education Benefits

Fitness chains and studios such as F45 Training, Eat the Frog Fitness, Hustle Boxing, and more have benefited significantly by integrating YBells into their programming. These benefits include:

Exercise diversity & variety
Equipment consolidation - 4 traditional pieces of fitness equipment in 1 tool
Multi-grip design allows for ease of use regardless of fitness level
Allows for "pods" or grouping of varying exercises into programming sessions
Streamlined training sessions & enhanced user experience
Cost & space saving

Club & Studio Benefits

Stand Apart From the Competition

Attract New Members & Premier Trainers

Enhance & Diversify Trainers' Skillsets

Create New Revenue Streams

Manage Operational Costs More Effectively

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