YBell Fitness Education

Learn to Create and Coach with the Multi Award-Winning YBell!

Effective training and education are key factors in differentiating and conveying the full use and versatility of one's products and programming in the fitness industry.

YBell Fitness and its education partner, PT Academy, have developed a full suite of professional education courses designed to upskill personal trainers and group exercise instructors and showcase the full diversity of the YBell.

Explanation of the YBell's design
Understanding & importance of various YBell grips
Harnessing the power and transitional diversity of the YBell
YBell specific workouts
Creating unique YBell exercises
Cueing with the YBells
Pod programming structure & creation
International accreditation through NASM, Fitness Australia, & more

Available Courses

Online Intro Workshop

This 2-hour online workshop provides a compelling introduction of the YBell and the basic essentials for safely using the product. Key outcomes are an introduction to YBells, the importance of the various grips, YBell intro exercises, and an introduction to pod training.

NASM: 0.4 | ACE: 0.2 | AUSactive: 2.0

EREPS: 2 Hours


Coaching Course

(Live & Virtual)

Participants will learn how to synchronize the body with the YBell to perform functional, yet powerful movements to increase mobility and overall performance. Suited to coaches and other professionals, it provides simple, safe, and effective techniques to enhance your training experience. Offered both virtually and live / in-person.

NASM: 1.1 | ACE: 1.0 | AUSactive: 10.0

EREPS: 10 Hours


Master Instructor Training

The YBell Master Instructor Training is an invitation level course led by a YBell Senior Master Instructor. Upon course completion, participants receive their YBell Master Trainer certification and are qualified to teach the YBell Coaching Courses. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, this course is offered in a safe, virtual format, but can be completed live / in-person pending regulation protocols.

NASM: 1.1 | ACE: 1.0 | AUSactive: 10.0

EREPS: 10 Hours

Accrediting Bodies





What People Are Saying

"YBells have changed the way I exercise and the way I look, but also the way I feel. They are comfortable and easy to use and yet you leave a session feeling like you've worked every muscle in your body including some you never met before. The result for me has been lean muscle and incredible flexibility. Others in my group who use heavier weights want a different result and get it. That's the YBell way: flexible, effective, heaps of fun."

- Caroline Overington

"As a new inductee to the YBell experience I can highly recommend them. They are so versatile and perfect for doing a full body workout using one piece of equipment, without the need to set up different dumb/bar/kettle bells for each exercise. It doesn't take long to get familiar with what handle to use for each exercise. It's a sleek design and the colors are great. I'm hooked!"

- Sam Gowing

"I have been using YBells since the first prototypes were developed in 2016. They are amazing and versatile pieces of exercise equipment which allow you to do a workout that would previously have involved four or more different sets of apparatus. They are great for strength training, weight loss or all-round fitness. I have lost over 8kg since I started using them!"

- Richard Watson

We proudly partner with Personal Training Academy (PTA), a globally recognised education provider to over 15 countries. Together, we offer YBell Coaching continuing education courses (CECs) conducted by professional educators in the fitness industry. PTA is the official education partner for YBell Fitness internationally.